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Digital Footprints is a new approach to social media training. We offer workshops, training and consultancy for HE, FE, enterprise development, business marketing and promotion.

What is the Digital Footprints training programme?

Digital Footprints uses a simple, friendly approach to teaching digital literacy skills. It enables the use of the Internet and social media as a personal development and enterprise tool. It also uses the princples of reflective practice to improve communication skills.

Who is it for?

Digital Footprints is suitable for a variety of audiences. We have delivered workshops to higher education staff and students, businesses as well as a range of private, public and voluntary sector organizations. Participants do not require a prior knowledge of social media.

Managing York’s Social Media Surgeries

The Social Media Surgery concept was pioneered in Birmingham. Dhyaan Design was funded by York City Council to manage York’s surgeries in 2010. We held over 10 surgeries and helped dozens of charities and voluntary groups from the region.

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